Step Into Your A Game
Shed the overwhelm and confusion so you can make your best headway. And we do that by putting the business aside... and looking at our daily lives.

In This Course, We Will Cover...

The 7-step "Reboot" process to help you unload everything

A formula for aligning your smaller, daily tasks with the bigger picture so you're not wasting time with "busy work" or only putting out fires.

The Time Master Triangle and how to apply it

A technique to gamify your production (which really helps get more done!)

The actual, mechanical reason why "maybe" stops progress, and how to avoid it

How to tackle distractions, overwhelm and confusion

How to deal with negative people, the effects of news, and more

How most people get to-do lists wrong

How to actually manage your time

How to deal with multi-tasking

How to use hard metrics to increase productivity and maintain focus

How to do executive strategy and run your whole life according to a strategic plan

How to clear out your environment from distractions and things that hold you back

A system to organize your life

Out of our entire course library, this course is most unlike the others. It is also the most popular course as students of THE LAB work through the ROADMAP. I created it specifically to help people get dialed in and focused. You have the power to succeed in your online business. You just need to get out of your own way.

David Risley
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This training is based on the Theory of Constraints. We take a systems view of life and business and use a very specific system to find what's holding it back (the constraint) and how to bust through it. The perfect complement to the A Game course. Totally optional upgrade.

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