Building A Content Marketing Plan
Step off the rat-wheel of date-based blogging... and into systematic and
strategic approach to content that drives revenue.

In This Course, We Will Cover...

Various tools to help you manage your content planning

Various kinds of marketing campaigns and how to work them in together on your calendar

How exactly to use different content formats in conjunction to fuel your campaigns

Exactly how to work regular list building and subscriber activation into your content plan

The 5 major content types for fueling a content-driven business - and when to use each one

How to bring this strategic planning together into your actual content calendar (with specific tools to help you do it)

Methods of introducing efficiency into your content plan so you don't always have to create from scratch.

How to take the time out of content creation and make it faster and more efficient

A precise process for mapping your income goal into specific content campaigns

How to map your campaigns to your calendar in a way which will work for you (and not exhaust your audience)

The 5 stages of awareness and how to model your content to move people through them until they're ready to buy

How to use different platforms simultaneously to fuel your campaigns (including social media, videos, podcast, etc.)

How often to release new content (Hint: It isn't likely what you would expect).

How to put certain parts of your content marketing on automatic. Set it and forget it.

Exactly how to deal with member cancellations (a fact of life on a membership site, but how you handle it goes a long way)

How to develop and leverage reusable campaigns

This course will show you how to make blogging actually work as a marketing medium. It will show you how to be strategic about it. It will show you how to think about your content in a cohesive way... all geared toward driving revenue to your business. You NEED this course if all you usually do is blog about whatever comes to your mind. :-)

David Risley
Your Instructor

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