Take Advantage Of This Special Offer!

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Don't Sweat The Renewals. Take Your Time. Lock It In... Forever.

Just hate renewals? Kinda like the idea of being able to just lock it in once and never have to think about it again? If that's you, then we do have the option of locking in a full-featured LAB PRO membership with an upfront, lifetime price.

We even have a couple of payment options so you can pick which best suits your budget right now.

Access to Everything. Every single course, workshop, office hours, the Roadmap, etc. Everything all other PRO members get, you'll get too.

Lifetime updates. Whenever we release a new course or workshop for PRO members, you'll get automatic access, too. Without anything further to pay.

Lifetime member support. All of the support resources of the PRO membership, you'll have. Forever.

Attend all workshops and office hours... whenever you want, anytime.     

Special recognition. Your profile in the community will forever be labeled as a lifetime supporter. We appreciate you!

Whenever we've offered this lifetime option, it has always proven to be the most popular option. To this day, we still have lifetime members joining in on workshops and office hours who joined up to 3 years ago!

It is truly a solid investment, if I do say so myself. ;) Will you join them?

Take Advantage Of This Special Offer!

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Start With A Strategy Call

Normally $99 for members. Book now for just $79
We will add a strategy session credit to your account immediately. You can use that credit anytime to schedule a personal strategy session with David. Just one-on-one. Your call credit does not expire, so you can use it right away... or in a few months. You're in control. But, to get this special discounted rate on a coaching call, you must secure it now during checkout.

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Offer valid for existing members too!

If you already have an active PRO membership, you can upgrade it to a lifetime account. If you're on an annual membership, contact us for help pro-rating your amount. When you enroll in a lifetime plan, we'll make sure your pre-existing subscription is automatically de-activated.

Note about the payment plan:

You can cancel your 12-payment plan anytime. You're under no obligation to finish it. However, if you cancel before your 12 payments have been completed, your lifetime access is NOT secured. In other words, if you cancel early, it would be just like cancelling a normal monthly membership and access will be downgraded.

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