Offers That Convert
Making The Planning, Creation and Selling Of Your Own Products & Services Simple Again. A course on how to make offers that sell... even if you're not good at selling and don't like it.

In This Course, We Will Cover...

The Offer Creation Formula, fully detailed on how to execute each step

How to find out exactly what our audience needs and wants (so you can sell it to them)

The step-by-step process - with scripts - on how to interview people to learn what they need and want

How to outline the perfect offer for your audience

How to strategically plan features, determine the benefits and the emotional benefits to them (this exercise will really improve your ability to sell)

2 different offer formulas to guide you through the writing process

How to inject urgency into your offers (without depending on countdown timers)

How to script great money-back guarantees, including 13 ideas for risk reversal beyond the typical money-back guarantee

The process by which you prove that your offer is what people actually want

How to find out exactly what our audience needs and wants (so you can sell it to them)

How to compile your findings into your customer avatar profile (complete with questions, worksheet and template)

The complete Offer Planner to guide you, step-by-step, through the offer creation process

How to determine your brand promise, your offer hook, and your headline (with formulas)

How to determine what to charge for your product

The mechanics of actually setting up your offer for so you can begin making sales

Multiple opportunities for offer feedback and help along the way, making this an interactive experience.

This is a course on offer creation and making sales... designed specifically for people who weren't born to sell. You will learn how to find out what people want, how to craft your offer, how to price it, how to present it... and how to sell it. I'll also be happy to take a look at your offers and help you improve them as best I can! Let's get started.

David Risley
Your Instructor

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The opportunity to get direct, personal and private feedback from David on your offer

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