Product Creation Blueprint
A blueprint (born out of years of experience) on how to create effective online courses that get
results and your audience wants to buy.

In This Course, We Will Cover...

How to get "inside the head" of your potential customer to find out what they REALLY want you to make

How to outline the full scope of your offer and ensure your product will match up to it

The instructional psychology behind the very structure of your product - and how it has everything to do with them getting results

The 7 learning styles and how to build each of them into your product design

The full "routing" of your student through the course, from beginning, middle, to the end

The scheduling hack you can use to actually ensure your product gets done

How to nail down the outcome you intend to deliver (with specific worksheets to guide you through it)

How to determine the product formats you should use (but based around your customer experience, not simply your gut feeling)

How to control and map their progress through the product to ensure REAL delivery (and future testimonials)

How to map out each training piece to ensure maximum understanding and application

The huge downfalls of creating effective online training - and how to avoid them

The full list of every single tool I use to create my own products

How to do "onboarding" via email for all new students so they get the full experience

Selling online training is an awesome business model - and one of the most popular among blog-based businesses. In this course, I'll show you how to craft an online course that gets results, makes happy customers, and helps you actually sell it, too. This is a vital skill! Let me help you. See ya inside shortly.

David Risley
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